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Bubba, Full-Blooded Boxer Official Cycle Solutions Inc. Watchdog

Meet Bubba. Bubba is an energetic Boxer that was found dumped on the side of a mountain in North Carolina while we were taking some time to ride motorcycles with our friends in 2009. We do not know much about Bubba. What we do know is that he is a very loving and loyal dog. He is cautious with strangers and it takes a few minutes for him to warm up to you. His right eye was injured prior to us rescuing him and unfortunately the damage is unrepairable. He is very well behaved and enjoys traveling with the guys on the road and taking charge in the passenger seat. Did we mention what a great listener he is? When he is not traveling he is at home romping around the yard with our other dogs which are Great Danes. He does a very good job of running with the big dogs!

If you see Bubba out on the road at one of our events and you would like to meet our wonderful companion, please let him check you out first and let him be the one to initiate play before you stick your face in his! Again, he is a rescue and is not too sure of people just yet. We are continuing to socialize him to make him more comfortable with everyone.

At a recent visit to our veterinary clinic for a thorough wellness checkup we have discovered that Bubba had been shot! He has a small bullet or BB in his lung and may be causing a cough that he has been having.

Between the Gettysburg and Carlisle shows in Pennsylvania in July we like to stay at the KOA campground in Gettysburg for a little relaxation. In 2012 while spending time at the campground, Bubba became ill. He was out on his walk trying to get some exercise in and as he was running up a hill he all of a sudden blacked out and fell over on his side. It took him several moments to come back around and get his bearings. Shortly he was back up and going. Four days later while at the Carlisle rally he had another episode. We immediately got on the phone and called our vet. The vet explained an illness called Boxer Cardio Myopathy and strongly suggested that we bring him in for an evaluation as soon as we returned back to Indiana.

It was determined that Bubba was likely to have this illness and we were advised to keep an eye on him and make notes about what triggered his episodes. We had also scheduled an appt in November when we were done on the road for the year for Bubba to be seen at the Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine to have the tests that are needed to determine if Bubba did have the Cardiomyopathy illness.

A couple of weeks later at the Sturgis Rally Bubba became worse. We searched for an emergency vet clinic that could see him immediately. Our son and a friend took him to a clinic that was, believe it or not, only 2 miles from our booth. Bubba spent all day at the clinic where they did extensive testing on him. As luck would have it, the clinic had a Veterinarian there that specialized in boxer cardio myopathy.

He prescribed Bubba with 5 different types of medications to help his heart. This illness causes the heart and lungs to fill up with fluids and disables the heart to carry oxygen to his brain causing him to have mini strokes and his heart, brain and body to shut down momentarily. It is a non curable illness
and will eventually cause his death. Boxers typically live 6 months to a year depending on the severity of the illness.

Once on the meds Bubba began improving. He very rarely had an episode and was able to continue with is normal life with the exception that he is no longer allowed to swim or chase the ball since elevated heart rate will bring on the mini strokes.

Once we were home we went ahead and took Bubba to Purdue for further evaluation. They confirmed that the Bubbas was a sick boy and modified his meds slightly. It is March 2013, approx 7 months after Bubba was diagnosed and he is going strong. Although he still has an occasional mini stroke, he gets along very well. He is still able to romp and play with his 10 other doggie playmates. When word got around that Bubba was ill, someone decided to dump a boxer pup off at our house that lived in our woods for a week or longer before detected and was a skinny bag of bones.

Bubba and Gump are currently at Daytona Bike week for a little fun in the sun. Bubba will continue to take it easy so he can spend as much time as possible with his family and his dyno crew. See the blog about Gump, the Dyno Dog in training for his story.

On March 18th, 2013, Bubba passed away. After his third Daytona Bike Week we took Bubba and Gump camping at Orlando KOA Campgrounds. After a morning of wrestling with Gump and eating breakfast, Bubba had his last stroke. Fairwell to our friend. You will never be forgotten.

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