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Christopher Waddell President & Owner of Cycle Solutions Inc.

Hello my name is Chris Waddell and I am the original member of the Cycle Solutions crew. I was born in 1970 in the state of Massachusetts. As a child I moved to Indiana where I attended and graduated Carmel High School. After high school I attended Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana were I studied Industrial Technology, Education and Business. I was hired out of college by the State of Indiana and was sent to the Indiana State Police Academy where I graduated. After graduation I was an Indiana State Trooper until I took an early retirement in 2003 to pursue my dream, Cycle Solutions Inc. During my years as a Trooper I was also the Sales Manager for Lewis Suzuki of Anderson Indiana. Working days in sales and nights in crime I learned some very important life skills. During the same time I was also making quite a name for myself building big horsepower Japanese sport bike engines. In 2001, I officially started Cycle Solutions Inc. a small shop with one lift and a lot of dreams. By the end of 2002, I had to move the business into a much larger facility in Albany, Indiana. The new shop had 3 full time mechanics and a shop manager. That winter I ordered a new dyno for the shop but when it arrived I literally had no room for it. Through cooperative efforts with my bank. the original dyno trailer was built. It attended AMA Prostar, AHDRA and AMA Superbike events in 2003. In October of 2003, I took the dyno rig to the Myrtle Beach fall motorcycle rally. The rest is history. We now attend 30+ rallies a year over a nine-month period.

Since the age of 10 I have been wrenching on motorcycles. My first experience wrenching came from broken down dirt bikes I hid at my buddy’s house. I was fortunate enough to attend a junior and senior high school that had extensive shop and engine classes. I took every class offered and was awarded a certificate of achievement as the first student to ever complete the entire curriculum offered with a 4.0 GPA. My first experience on a chassis dyno was in 1993 in Indianapolis Indiana. Using the dyno I was able to graph the improvement my work made to my customers motorcycle. I was hooked knowing that some day I would do this full time.

I am educated in both Metric and Harley Davidson motorcycles. I am Dynojet certified and a graduate of the school of busted knuckles. I tune every motorcycle that comes through our door with pride and passion and I look forward to tuning yours.

Kim Waddell Owner & Brains of Cycle Solutions Inc.

Kim Waddell is married to Chris Waddell and they live in Hartford City, Indiana with Chris' two sons Taylor and Logan. Kim manages the day to day operations at Cycle Solutions when Chris is on the road and deals with him when he is home. Neither of which are simple tasks. The many facets of her job include accounting, shipping inventory, website management, and scheduling. She also travels with the mobile crew to assist with sales at the larger rallies we attend.

In her spare time, Kim is a master gardener of Blackford County and a member of the Urban Greenscape Commission in Hartford City. She enjoys working in the yard, her greenhouse and hanging out with their 8 dogs. Kim also rescues dogs and volunteers at the Blackford County Animal Shelter. Her favorite breed is the regal Great Dane and currently has one dane named Karry. Boxers rock too!  Her best  buddy dane named Dainty Dawg shown in the pic passed away in February 2015 at the age of 14.

Vickers Salesman

Josh grew up as a motorcycle enthusiast. As a child he enjoyed riding dirt bikes around the yard with his brother Clayton. He got his first motorcycle when he was a teenager and was hooked from that point forward. He has been employed with Cycle Solutions since February of 2007. He began the internet side of the business by listing products on eBay and growing the online store. What he enjoys most about his job is talking with customers, listening to what they enjoy about their motorcycles and providing them with products that make their bikes ROCK!

When Josh is not answering the phone and assisting customers you can usually find him at the bowling alley. Cycle Solutions Inc has sponsored Josh in several pro bowling tournaments. Even though he has not made it big time in the pro bowling world, he has won multiple 300 game rings and trophies while playing in a local league.

Josh also enjoys his Ford Mustang and goes to a few carshows each year. Instead of adding horsepower to a Harley, he has been beefing up the Mustang. I believe he and Chris plan to hit the drag this year to confirm who has the fastest car! This is an ongoing battle.

Knucklehead, Cycle Solutions Inc. Dyno-Dog in Training

Cycle Solutions Inc lost Bubba, our Boxer mascot for several years and Chris' best doggy pal, to an illness called Boxer Cardio Myopathy leaving an emptiness to Cycle Solutions. A decision was made to bring a new dyno dog into the family to help us all get through the loss. Chris searched hard sending out emails and making phone calls to find a male pup. He looked at our local shelter, online rescues and breeders. He found the boxer of his dreams in Ohio from a breeder named Laymani. They had the best boxers he had ever laid eyes on and knew Grumpy, a little brindle male with a black mask was the one. This could not be just any dog. Bubbas 2nd in command had to be super special. After all, Bubba left some big paw prints to fill.

We are big fans of rescuing dogs from shelters and rescues so we struggled with purchasing a dog from a breeder. However, we currently have 7 other dogs that were rescued so we believe we can allow ourselves one purchased pet. Plus, Laymani is a quality breeder and they care about the lifetime of the dogs they breed. We are firm believers that all breeders should be held responsible for the life of the animals and take their dogs back if for whatever reason it does not work out with the homes they are placed in. Of course we take our pets seriously and we accept them for their lifetime and would never discard a pet for any reason.

After a week of looking, Grumpy made it into our home and after a few days of getting used to his new surroundings he was well on his way to warming our hearts and lightening the loss of Bubba. What was this little dogs name going to be? It had to be fitting so we pondered this for a bit. After chasing this little guy around for a week or so we knew Knucklehead was a perfect fit. He was kind of clumsy but did not have any trouble opening a can of whoop ass on Gump!

Speaking of Gump, the donated boxer, He has turned into the most amazing animal since the arrival of Knucklehead. Gump has such a great fatherly instinct. He plays with the little guy somewhat tenderly, steals toys away and then curls up in a ball with the little guy at his side. He loves Knucklehead as much as we do. Currently we are trying out both dogs on the road to see how they do together. Gump needs work on his confidence around people, maybe Knucklehead will show him the way. Fingers crossed! Knucklehead was 5lbs when he came into our lives and is quickly on his way to being a large and proud dog. He has that proud boxer stance that attracted Chris to the breed originally.

Although we miss Bubba tremendously, we are excited to have an animal that we can have outside with our customers and crew. Anyone that had the privilege to met Bubba would know that he was not the friendliest dog with people other than his family and crew. Bubba will always be in our hearts, photos and memories and be with us always. Knucklehead will never take his place and we do not expect that. Knucklehead will add his own flare to our lives and memories in his special way.

Be sure to stop in and meet Knucklehead AKA "Kryptonite". He is coming to a town near you with his sidekick Gump.

Gump, Cycle Solutions Inc. Dyno-Dog in Training

Cycle Solutions Inc would like to introduce Gump, The dyno boxer in training. When word got out that Bubba was ill, someone decided it would be a good idea to dump a boxer puppy off at our house. This dog lived in our woods for about a week or so before we noticed he was there. We would catch glimpses of a brown and white blur at dusk and in the afternoons when he was hungry and looking for food. This dog was so afraid of people and so thin that we didn’t think he was going to survive. After many attempts of trying to leave food out for him to eat and failing, we decided we needed to catch this dog ASAP or he would die.

We borrowed a coyote trap from our local animal shelter that weekend and set it up. On the first attempt we were able to capture the little guy. He was such a pitiful little mess. We were able to get a collar and leash on him to keep him from darting away once he was out of the trap. After a few minutes
of us talking to him and petting him he realized we were ok and relaxed a bit. We carried him to the garage and put him in a crate that had food waiting for him. We allowed our 10 other dogs to sniff and check him out for a bit before we let him out again on the leash. We walked him around with the other dogs in tow to make sure all was good. Within 20 minutes we set him free and he began to play with a few of the other smaller dogs.

It wasn’t long before we noticed that this dog had something going on with his rear legs. His rear feet pointed out instead of to the front. He still walked ok but he wasn’t quite right. We named the dog Gump since it suits him well and goes great with his counterpart Bubba. All we need is a Jenny and we have our own Forrest Gump Pack!

After a few days of good nutrition Gump made an appearance at our local Vet Clinic. While there he was diagnosed with Luxating Patella. This is when the knee cap, which is normally located in the center of the knee joint, is dislocated or out of place. Gump’s knee caps are on the insides of his back legs, instead of on his knees. This is a birth defect. His bones do not have the groove in them that holds the knee cap in place so it floats around to the inside. This defect can be fixed with surgery but it is a very expensive surgery, very hard on the dog and not always successful. After further review we decide that Gump will be just fine without the pain and suffering of trying to correct his condition. He could still do what other dogs can do; he just does it a little differently.

We have had Gump for 5 months now and he has gained approx 15 lbs or more, has a shiny new coat and has gained lots of muscle in his rear legs. He can now jump up like any other dog and get on the couch or bed on his own. He does however still stand at the edge of the bed for you to lift him up because he is lazy and wants the attention!

He is currently on his first road trip to Daytona Bike Week and is relaxing in the sun while we type this. He is not good with strangers yet and is very skittish with loud noises but over time he will be desensitized and hopefully will be an easy going addition to the road crew.

On March 18th, 2013 was Bubba passed away. Click HERE to read Bubba's story.



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Cycle Solutions Inc., 3585 S 600 E, Hartford City, IN 47348 Tel No: 765-768-6000
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