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Please take a moment to read what what our customers have to say about
Cycle Solutions Inc....



Hey Chris, just texting to let you know I got my bike going. Messed with the harness pins and everything sounds awesome. For the owner of a company to be so knowledgeable says a lot in my book. Will definitely be recommending Cycle Solutions to my friends. God bless you brother...




I had just wanted to relay the fact that Josh had been great to deal with when ordering and you have been very helpful with suggestions and technical support. To be honest, I was surprised that you still take calls and reply to E mails personally.
Like I said to you earlier, if you buy the best, and deal with the best, you will never be disappointed. Kudos to you and your team for being so good at what you do.
Gary Auclair




Chris - 
Just wanted to send a note to say thanks for the service you (Order# 104111) and your team provided to me on Sunday November 8.  My bike ran extremely well and I was amazed with the smoother acceleration and the much lower operating temperature difference. Also, thanks for the education about my bike, VERY MUCH APPRECIATED !!!
If your in this area (Texas) anytime next year would be possible to let me know or do you post a schedule on your website?  Very great to find your company that has the passion that you do.  Thanks again !!!




   I cannot thank you enough for your advise and guidance on improving the performance of my 2013 Heritage Softail. I’m not a mechanic and don’t know the first thing about cams or push rods. I put my complete trust in you and your team, and I am very glad that I did. You have a customer for life. I've never seen a more professional, honest,  and knowledgeable approach to motorcycle maintenance and performance. Your bays look more like an operating room than a garage. Your staff were like surgeons, quiet neat, professional, fast. You took my Hog and turned it into a LION! I’m talking real king of the jungle stuff, down to the roar of the exhaust. The bike feels and sounds amazing! Its like you unleashed a caged animal! It runs and pulls like it never did before. I cant wait to see you guys again. Riding the wing forever free!




Just put on my stage 1 parts. Rinehart  True duels, big sucker air filter and thundermax tuner. Everything you said would wake up my 2015 street glide!! It's awesome. That bikes makes this 52 year old man feel 20 again!! Thank you for all your help!! I'll send my friends your way!!!

Keep the wind in your face
Anything's possible




This is just a note to say thanks for the troubleshooting and work you and your team performed on my '07 Road King. I spoke to you during 2015 Bike Week in Daytona Beach about an after fire problem I was having along with a decrease in power. You checked my fuel pressure and it seemed fine. While there I talked to you about boosting my bike’s performance. You suggested adding a ThunderMax Auto Tune system, cams, cam bearings, tensioners, lifters and pushrods. I was skeptical about doing all that but agreed. When the tensioner was removed, it had two large grooves in it and it appeared as though it was about to fail which would have certainly caused huge engine damage. At this point, I was very happy I said “yes” to this maintenance.

After the installation, you put the bike on the dyno and witnessed a drop in fuel pressure at high RPMs. That fuel pressure drop didn’t show up at low RPMs. We narrowed the problem to one of the components and/or lines in the fuel tank. Although you were very busy, in one day you changed the engine parts, removed the fuel tank and replaced the bad parts and ran bike on the dyno twice. My problem was solved. Now the bike is quick as hell and it never ran better. 
Thanks again... Jim Malis, Daytona Beach



I talked to you at the La. State HOG Rally in Lafayette about the ThunderMax Tuner. I liked what you had to say about it so I came home and did my research. I try to be sure that what I'm buying will do what I'm expecting. After a few months research, reading testimonials, watching the tutorial videos, I decided on the heat reduction package with the Rush true duals.

I installed the package without any major issues on my 06 Ultra with 88ci. I was impressed with the results. The oil filter while engine is idling cools the oil 6 to 8 degrees. On our first weekend ride, my wife noticed the heat difference. The fuel mileage went from 32mpg to 38mpg at 75+ mph. The performance feels better but haven't put it on the dyno yet. I can pull away on an 09 Street Glide so I'm not complaining.

I also want to thank you for helping me out when the monitoring of the o2 sensor went away. I am both impressed and thankful that you guys stand behind your products and help in any possible way you can.

I have and we'll continue to recommend the heat reduction package to everyone I can.

Money well invested.



Just wanted to say thanks for the work you and your mechanic Seth did on our bikes. Susan's sounds and runs so much better and the cam chest you put in mine is awesome. It's like a whole new bike. You guys are the best. Totally worth the trip. And I couldn't be happier with the quality of the work that Seth did. It's as if I did it myself. Again thanks a lot and I'll be talking to you this winter about the next upgrade.

Herb & Susan



A great big thank you to you and your crew. My black 08 roadglide runs great. I love watching the front jump, when I roll on the throttle. Oh, yes, no spark knock!! We are at the motel and will be heading home in the morning. We rode 8 hours to see you and are very happy. We take the back roads.

Tim Harmon
Union Michigan



Was able to do the front end my self. Did it yesterday and the wife and I rode 300 miles today. Ended up back in Laconia where this all started. And all we can say is AWESOME. The rears did a great job, but when you do the fronts with the rears it really take it over the top. Can't thank you and the guys from cycle solutions enough. Not only dose it ride great it an absolute Hot Rod as well. Thanks Again.


James McCarthy


I am James Moren. I just wanted to let you know how awesome your customer service and sales departments are. They impressed me with their handling of my mistake on ordering the wrong pipes and the substitution of the 2 into 1 when they saw the 2 into 2 would be on back order. 2 into 1 is great. Your people best I have dealt with. All of my performance and maintenance purchases will now be from you! I mean that. Thank you much! Appreciate you guys and how you strive to be the best at customer service in the industry.


OMG!!!!!!!! I installed the exhaust, ThunderMax, and the JetScream you sent and it was awesome. I saw you at Myrtle beach and your techs made a new map and WOW UN FREAKING BELIEVABLE. Thank you so much.. Absolutely recommend y’all any day.. thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you.



Hi Chris,
I just got back from my first ride can't get the grin off my face.  The cams seem perfect for my style off riding. I enjoyed the visit everyone was great




I would like to thank you and your team for another excellent experience! I enjoyed talking with you during the LA State HOG Rally and am extremely happy with my new Arlen Ness floorboards that you fit to my bike. The ThunderMax installation and tuning you performed has definitely added to my bike’s power HP 102.97 Torque 105.62). I would highly recommend you and your team to anyone seeking Harley Davidson performance improvements and custom parts installation. I will definitely be using your services again!

Bob Biggs


Hi Chris,

I just ordered a Thunder Max auto tuner 309-362 from cycle solutions for my 2013 FLHTK. I really enjoyed watching your videos on YouTube believe you guys are the right people to do business with. My next upgrade will be one of your K&P XL oil filters.

Thanks for doing what you doing and keep it up!

Troy Canova


Hey Chris,

WOW,OMG WOW!! thank you for all your help & patience in
persuading me into Thundermax ECM & Big Sucker Air for 2013 HD Road Glide..&
the NGK spark plugs..After installing a Catless headpipes and 02 bungs & by
following your great instructions, my bike runs SMOOTHER, COOLER, NO more
hesitation & NO MORE BACKFIRING!!& it pulls me & my wife EASILY now..WHAT A
DIFFERENCE!!I'm in Phoenix, so Bike week is coming & I pushing my buddies to
do this conversion so they can have a "REAL" Harley between their legs.I
still have to get it dyno'd here soon to complete the new tune-in..AGAIN,
sincere THANKYOU for having the patience to answer "all" my questions so I
can have "this type of ride experience".wow.. I realize ALL this sounds like
"hype", but I will help YOU by sharing my results with any interested buyers
still not sure what this kit can do for their ultimate satisfaction with
their ride. Greyfox in Phoenix,Az






Hi Chris,

It was good seeing you in my home town York, Pa after a great performance update Seth installed and you tuned on my mostly stock 2003 Ultra 88 twin cam. Both your attention to detail and " I want to make it better " attitude will never say enough for the magic you worked on my Harley. All the money one can afford is worthless without a tuner who has the know how and desire to bring out the best from the parts installed on the motorcycle.

Even when a problem developed like I had, poor battery, missing vacuum port cap, " poor starting habits " LOL, you did not run or attempt to dodge the problem, in fact you were curious and even suggested some possibilities of what may be wrong or went wrong in the 2 weeks since the upgrades and tuning. Non the less thank you for dropping what you were doing and jumping right onto my motorcycle to drill down what went wrong. It was amazing watching you work and how the questions you asked lead straight to the issues. I really appreciated the fact you took the time to test and rule out everything your years of experience and training told you was wrong before concluding what the issue was and fixing it. I wish there were more mechanics and tuners with the same work ethics as you,Seth, and the rest of your team. All your passion is admirable.

The bad news is I had to sleep in the dog house for one night, spent to much money ! the good news is the motorcycle perfoms flawlessly. Not only did you find 80 HP at 5000 RPM, I also got a little bonus of 3 more HP at 5750 RPM with more then 92 FP Torque, which by the way earned me a place back in bed in the house after taking the wife for a ride. More good news, while I'm sure the improved fuel efficiency will never compensate for the savings at the fuel pump, the bike went from 34-36 MPG to a killer 47.5 MPG highway being a law abiding citizen and 40-43 MPG riding it and rolling back a little fun here and there. Bike is awesome and all I can say,
if you want it cheap...look someplace else....if you want it right.....no need to look further, call Chris

If you think Chris or someone made this up, email me at [email protected] when your passing through the York Pa area.I will be more then happy to go for a ride with you and show you exactly what a hand full of " RIGHT " looks & sounds like!

Jon Fisher
York, Pa
2003 Ultra 88 twin cam
510 Cams
Rinehart True Duals
Thundermax Auto Tune
High Flow Air Cleaner
Tuned by, Chris Waddell
Stock 2003 HD Heads,pistons,jugs,and throttle body fuel injection
80+HP 92+torque

Good luck Chris to you and your team. I hope you have a great 4 days in York



You installed the 525 Zippers cam chest, Thundermax, 55mm Horsepower Inc. throttlebody, Rush True Duals, and an Ultimate Breather by GLS on my bike. The trip to Harrison was awesome. The trike responded exactly like I had hoped. Will stop by tomorrow and give you more details.
Thanks again - the guys did a great job.



Hey Chris i installed my tmax it's amazing thank you for telling me to get it ! You're awesome and so is Cycle Solutions!


Hi Chris

I just wanted to say Thank You for the work u and your crew did on my bike great job…

2007 road glide (orange)

1st was power commander and dyno tune in sturgis 2013 worked great.
2nd was complete cam upgrade kit and air cleaner and dyno 110th Milwaukee.

The bike works great now it has the power i think it should have, you chris seam to care and listen what your customer wants and tell it like it is the #'s were lower then what i thought we would see but it was very hot and humid the day the bike was done. but that night when it cooled off the bike was fast and if it has low #'s cool that just means my buddies with big horsepower and big #'s can get passed by the little orange bike.

so all in all i am very happy with the work performed by Cycle Solutions you folks know your stuff and my next to go faster is bigger jugs/pistons and a throttle body once again Thank You…

right now the only problem is stopping the bike, cause the 574 reaper cams never stop pulling and i run out of real-estate. what a high class problem to have today…




Thank you for your diligence with the follow up! Great customer service is hard to find these days and you guys really are stand up!

And furthermore, the Thundermax is working great on my bike. I can't believe the reduction in heat on the right side of the engine. Chris Waddell from Cycle Solutions Online was right on with his recommendations of this tuner. 

I rode it back to the hotel 25 miles in 94 degree weather with shorts on and my leg didn't get hot!

What more can I say but thank you!




Wanted to post to your testimonial page to let everyone know what a great product you offer.
I purchased ThunderMAX tuner and Rinehart performance duals at Sturgis for my 2012 CVO RoadGlide. (aka SKUNK).

Holy %$#@!!!!! Not even close to the same bike. Acceleration is incredible, almost to the point of being dangerous, Fuel mileage went from 35 to 43.

I spent $2,000 on a set of Dresser duals and a SE race tuner last year on the advice of a HD Dealer recommendation and noticed very little change in the performance of my bike. Too bad I didn't meet you before that fleecing.

Thanks again for all your patience and truthful help, I'll go no where else to seek performance upgrades for my scooter. My goal is 100+ hp.

By the way I purchased a VROD Trike for my wife at Sturgis so I'll be talking to you on how you can help.

Billy Giles



Just wanted to let you know about my trip home from Morgantown, WV. I'm the firefighter from Texas with the black '05 Road Glide that you installed the Power Commander and the 3" Jet Scream intake. My main issue was with overheating. After a diagnostic run that showed my fuel/air ratio all over the place, you started doing your "stuff".

I now have a touring bike with a true 102 hp, that never once got close to over heating and averaged 38.9 mpg over the 1700 mile trip back home. Not to mention the smoothed out throttle response. You literally turned my bike into a ride that was a true joy to ride again. I hate to think about the damage that I've done to my bike by ignoring the overheating problem and listening to my Harley dealer saying the heating problem was just the "nature of the beast" and that the H-D race tuner was the best option for my bike. What a bunch of CRAP!

It does my heart good to know that a technician like you is out there helping people like me. Before I met you I had a 50,000 mile trade-in. Now I'm looking forward to seeing just how many miles I can get on this bike. Feel free to use this as a testimony if you wish. Maybe I can save someone the misery of being put through what I had to endure by listening to an "expert" at a local H-D dealership.

Nick Hillner


Hi Chris:

First I have to tell you that my bike has never run better! I know you spent a lot of time with my bike that Saturday with the new pipes, headers, and the power commander and I truly appreciate it. We had a blast on the ride home and on several rides we've taken since. You are the man!!!

Again, I can't thank you enough for cleaning up the mess my bike was in. I am your biggest fan and hope to see you again in Ocean City in September.

Dennis Daugherty


I received the package today. Great service, I would certainly recommend you to other bikers.




Chris thanks again for your help and personnel attention with my ride. Once we get a good day I will ride it down the road but I can tell already it runs better and cooler than it did. Be careful out on the road this year going to and from the events, I have already told 3 fellow HD owners about your shop and what you and your team can do. Take care and God Bless you and your family. I told the wife I met Bubba. She was glad he is up and moving around it made her day.

David J Strope



Ok, I have to admit, I did a lot of research on you and your company. Watched most all of your videos, read about every word on your web sites, and talked to you on the phone. I made the trip to your new shop to pick up a new windshield that I had purchased, and by the way, your new shop is very impressive. Very clean and well maintained, lots of performance and aftermarket parts. Your staff is also very friendly and knowledgeable, and your shop dogs are well mannered.....Ha.

I appreciated the time you spent with me on our first meeting to explain your services and the products that you recommend. As you may recall, i said that " I have owned several Harleys and I am extremely loyal to my dealer and their service techs." Your knowledge and candor allowed me to step out of my comfort zone, and I turned over my latest "baby" to you. (2013 HD FLTRX).

I have to say with much delight, that you delivered...on your word and your products. What I had started in terms of performance gains you finished. The ThunderMax tuner, K&P oil cooler/filter, new synthetics, and plugs, coupled with complete Dyno tuning has brought everything into focus. Horsepower and torque increases (+27%), immediate throttle response, and a cooler running v-twin.

Thank you for everything, and see you again...

Your new customer,

Muncie, IN

ps: the video is awesome too!

2013 FLTRX (BLACK DOG) Rush, Rineharts, K&P oil filter/cooler, ThunderMax tuner



I just want to say thank you for the outstanding upgrades you performed on my 2005 Roadking (the plain one with all the chrome)at Mountainfest in Morgantown. The bike is 10 times better. The fuel mileage is way better and power is fan friggn tastic. It's obvious you know what your doing. By the way.... The wife let me live after all, should have bought that RSD turbine.

Chuck. B


The mufflers and Air cleaner came in yesterday, they bolted right up. BTW I was pleasantly surprised to see the "free” air cleaner was the Arlen Ness big sucker!!! Glad I bought the Rush headers the other day from your company and really glad I found your company. You and Chris have been great to deal with and even answer the "stupid consumer” questions without too much frustration. LOL

Thanks again,


I’m the guy with the yellow fatboy that you tuned Saturday morning at Myrtle Beach. (with the rear end issues) Just wanted to say thanks, my bike ran flawlessly for the rest of the weekend and the power is spot on, right when you need it. My only question is this: Is there potential in my engine for more HP and still being streetable? Thanks again for the great job you did on my bike. I chose you guys because of the fact that you, the President of the company, actually hand tunes each bike. That means the world to me and I am proud to recommend you to as many riders as I can! Also, I saw your CTS-V on the dyno on Youtube and it’s completely sick! I love cars as much as I love bikes! Turbo’d LS motors are where it’s at! Have a great day and have fun on the road!



Just wanted to drop you a line or two and thank you for the fix. Her trike is like a different vehicle. Power up, temp. down, and mileage up. Thanks for your help.  Thanks again. Probably see you soon at another location.
Jette and Robin Frazier


Hey Chris, this is Robert. You tuned my 07 street glide in Bandera, Texas. Just writing to let you know that i absolutely love the way my bike is running now thanks to the incredible job you did tuning it. I rode it from my home outside of Corpus Christi, Texas to where i am currently working in Bakersfield, California. I have a lot of modification plans for the future that i would like you guys to handle and would love to hear any input you might have on how to make my machine the best it can be (or the best i can afford anyway). P.S. I still havent replaced the fork seals. Waiting to replace the forks completely with something better looking.


Howdy Chris

Just wanted to thank you for working on my '06 cvo ultra , you installed the power commander and dyno tuned in Bandera ,Tx. 3/31/12, my name is Salvador Martinez, I'm the one that had just purchased from a dealer and did not know exactly what I had purchased or what performance enhancements the engine had and you told us about your purchase of a cadillac not knowing it had something special under the hood, you had told me that the cvo might have gear driven cams and come to find out it did along with some other upgrades , I was able to contact the mechanic that did the work and he gave me lots of usefull info on engine. anyway the cvo is running great and wanted to Thank You , and while I was looking at your web site I found Bubba ,he is a kool Boxer , my wife and I are boxer people we've had four boxers in our 29 years of being married, our last one died of heart problems one year ago at the age of twelve , and we also had a 95 LB boxer named Bubba back in 1984, Thank you again for your help

Best Regards



Good morning Chris,

I made it home late last night. Unpacked the items i ordered from you and as I was expecting NO issues. Great product!
Again, thank you for the quick personal response to all my questions. I look forward to meeting you either at the end of march at the Thunder in the Hill Country or in April at the HOG rally in Lafayette, LA.

Thank You!
Mike Primeaux


I own a 2011 Harley davidson road glide custom with 103 power pack. I brought the bike to a shop for some custom work including, black powder coat everything that was chrome, hhi 7 degree rakes triple trees, painted inner fairing, grips, 23" Russ wernimont front fender, 23" renegade Racine wheel and matching floating rotors, shifter linkage, Arlen ness mini oval mirrors, etc... I also purchase rinehart xtreme dual exhaust black, Roland sands turbine intake, and thundermax with auto tune setup with NGK iridium spark plugs from chris at cycle solutions. The bike ran great when I initially installed the exhaust, intake, plugs, and tmax. After the bike was ready to be picked up from the shop it started to have a slight hesitation at constant throttle. The bike actually started to get worse and drove like a motorcycle with a carburetor at a cold start in the middle of winter. The bike had about 100 miles on it. I then plugged the tmax in to my computer to check for new maps or any updates there may have been. I set a new map and ran the bike. No change what so ever. I contacted chris at this point and he asked me to call him in the am and he would go through the entire process with me of resetting the program and installing the proper map. We did that the next day. Chris had me first remove the ECM fuse for 1 minute, then installing it for 1 minute and then repeating the process a second time. Then we did the ignition process on and off 3 times for 10 seconds each cycle. Re-installed the map we found appropriate and called it a day. I then went for a ride with the bike and noticed there was no change. It was still hesitating. Chugging. I once again called Chris seeking his help to fix this bike. He asked me if I shut the bike down using the ignition or the kill switch on the right hand control. I told him I always use the kill switch. Just a habit of mine. Chris said that's not a good idea because the tmax is a windows based program so shutting the bike down using the kill switch would be like having a bunch of programs up on your pc and just pulling the cord right out of the wall socket. So shutting the bike down using the kill switch will destroy all learned maps on the tmax. Not good. So chris had me pull the ECM fuse again. Out 1 min in 1 min twice. Then regulating the ignition on 10 seconds off 10 seconds 3 times and go for a ride. Yet again there was no improvement. So I plugged the bike back in to the computer and ran the diagnostic codes. It had a code. It was tgs1 lo. This meant I had a faulty twist grip sensor which also set an other code p2122 which was like a limp mode so nothing gets damaged. No problem. Went to Harley for them to run the code but couldn't on their system because the thundermax wouldn't let them. We looked the codes up in the speedo and came to the conclusion it was in fact the throttle by wire. I just bought the new part and installed it my self. The codes automatically cleared them selves. I took the bike for a ride and just like that it was running like a champ again. About 150 miles later I'm riding the bike and it starts hesitating again! I plug the tmax in again to my pc and run diagnostic codes. I find nothing there. There were also no codes in the speedo at this point. Now I'm really lost. I call Chris once again. I'm thinking it's something wrong with the thundermax. Chris tells me he highly doubts it. But who knows at this point. So chris suggests putting the stock o2 sensors back in the pipes and removing the thundermax ECM and placing harley's stock ECM back in the bike and running it for a while to rule out the ECM being the issue. I took it for a ride with the stock ECM and what do you know. Chris was right. It rode even worse. The bike couldn't get out of it's own way at this point. Now with the stock ECM I just put the bike in my trailer and dropped it off at the dealer for them to figure out what the issue was. Come to find out the issue was actually the jumper harness that plugs into the end of the twist grip sensor then to the main harness. The issue was I was initially going to have ape hangers installed so when the tech took the bike apart he snipped the green plug from the end of the jumper harness. When I decided not to do bars he just simply soldered the wires together to maintain the factory plug. Problem was he soldered it poorly and also didn't use any shrink wrap. He used some electrical tape and of course the solder failed and one of the wires came apart. Problem solved. It was the jumper all along. The TGS was never a problem. The tmax was installed once again with the proper map and it now runs mint. The power difference from the stock ECM and the tmax is seriously night and day. No comparison. Hopefully this will help someone out in the future If you are ever to experience this type of issue.




Dear Chris Waddell


Hello my name is Wesley Watson. I had a yellow sportster that I brought in to you to get checked out at your awesome establishment at Myrtle Beach Bike Week. We both agreed that it probably was the ECM that was faulty on my wife's 2007 sportster after I watched you and your staff for three hours work fevereshly to provide very quick service to your customers. Sure enough the ECM was the problem. We did ride the bike back over 100 miles at high idle without blowing it up and made it home safely thank god. After visiting your establishment I was really inspired by your setup and that someone could truly make money making people happy by giving them true performance upgrades in such a short amount of time. I work for the Department of Corrections in North Carolina as a Correctional Officer and have always been very mechanically inclined. Must be something in the blood because my Great Great Uncle is Richard Childress who is the owner of Richard Childress Racing in Nascar. Before that weekend I had been contemplating on starting my own shop that would deal mainly in performance upgrades on Harley's considering I had already performed the stage I upgrades myself on my wifes and my bike. I was very proud of the upgrades I had completed and the extra performance, horsepower and awesome sound that my bikes made after the upgrades. I just wasn't sure if I wanted to put the investment towards starting my own shop and becoming an awesome bike tuner like yourself. By meeting you, you totally made my mind up. I love wrenching on motorcycles so much that I am ready to make the sacrifices that will be needed to be sucessful as a tuner, motorcycle repairman, and high performance upgrade provider. I am enrolling in the fall to get my certification to work on Harley Davidson motorcycles. This will be my first step towards becoming a performance upgrader on Harley's. Then I plan on doing just like you did by starting slow with just a motorcycle jack and a small shop located in my back yard. I am sure if I provide service like you do I will definately grow out of my 20 by 30 shop in a heartbeat. I want to thank you for being such an inspiration and pray that my dreams to be a sucessful Harley Davidson performance upgrader and professional tuner comes true just as they did for you. As far as the 2007 Sportster it was taken to a Harley Dealership in Goldsboro NC and they covered the ECM under emmissions warranty due to the fact that it is under 5 years old. I have truly been blessed lately and thank god everyday for his blessings. You helped me in more ways than one. You let me know that I truly can suceed in becoming a Harley wrench man and didn't charge me for the advice you gave me at Myrtle Beach Bike Week 2011 and everything you did for me was truly appreciated. I definately know why your business is so sucessful! I just didn't know that there were people like you and I, left out there that really take pride in helping other people. I want to let you know that I would have been glad to pay you the 85 dollars that you require just to look my bike but am very greatful that you were compassionate enough to waive the charge. May God Bless you and your family. Thank you for such an awesome experience with cycle solutions racing. Your business definately touched my life in more ways than one!


Thank you very much!



Wesley Derek Watson



This is David Addison, the guy that finally got his 07 Screaming Eagle Road King done. (After 3 years!) It runs and sounds great. I just wanted to say thanks for the advice and real professional work y’all did on my bike. If you ever need me to share my story with anyone, just call or email. Thanks again for making my bike bad ass! Now, I want more horse power. So be thinking about my next move! (Maybe it won’t take 3 years next time!)

Your friend,
David Addison


Hi Chris, 
I received the ThunderMax by priority mail as you said when you called me. The install went very smoothly, and quite simple. The bike runs very, very smoothly and yes, I can tell a great deal of difference in the runup torque. You are true to your word. I appreciate your service and hope you continue to do well in the cycle business. Let me know if you ever need a recommendation of a satisfied customer.




hey Chris -
I had the roadglide in Daytona that you did the tune for me on and the clutch slipped and the front brake fell out afterwards... :) piece of shit bike I guess... lol. had to ride all over Daytona with no front brake to get the parts, but got it all fixed that day. thanks for catching that... saved me from certain destruction. I suspect the guy that worked on my bike last left the pins loose but I'll never be able to prove it. bike is running awsome since you worked on it. I THOUGHT it was running good before, and I was debating whether I really needed to spend the $ for the tune or not, but now that it's done and I can see/feel how much better it is running I don't regret investing the $. In my head I know different dyno's will give way different numbers (even the same dyno on different days) but in my heart I wanted to see that magic 100hp # and was a little disappointed when it didn't make it (especially after spending those kind of bucks...lol). Part of that was the slipping clutch making it top out at 90hp, impossible to say how much more was in it if it wasn't slipping. But my ass is extremely happy with how it feels and runs now. Thanks again for your great work. Steve

I would just like to say that your service is "THE BEST”. I ordered your kit Tues. morning, I received the TMax auto tuner on Wed. I received the rest of the kit on Thurs. THANK YOU!!!!
Thanks again,

Rich Dominek
Rinehart Tru-Duals
Arlen Ness Stage 2 Big Sucker
ThunderMax-Auto Tune

Just to let you know, my bike runs GREAT. Power, response and gas mileage all improved. Thanks again,
Greg Monroe

Chris-You may not remember me from Panama City but I wanted to tell you thanks for the tune work you did on my Bike with the T Max (Silver Electra Glide 113 HP 105 TQ) I got over 43 Mpg on the way home running 75 MPH into a head wind with 200 LBS extra weight on the Bike. This is the second time I have used you for tuning with great results. I will highly recommend you to any of my friends that are at a Rally where you are.
Kevin Vinso

Chris -
I wanted to thank-you for your invaluable pre-sales through post-sales support. I wish more vendors would take your customer-friendly approach.
You took considerable time (even while you in the middle of trying to get on the road to a bike rally) to help me understand which exhaust system and ECU product would be the best for my application and driving style. As a customer, it is very hard or impossible to get the facts of which one will be best for me, which one will give me the best performance, etc. Many vendors tend to take a neutral stance and say each product is good. I appreciated that you stated your opinion, but more importantly backed it up with facts in a way a customer can understand to help make the best choice. Your experience, knowledge, and the time you spent made me feel very comfortable with my purchase decision. Your considerable experience certainly gives you a superior edge and sets you apart from all the other vendors out there.
The purchase of the products was just as easy. Your web-site made it very easy to purchase the products and with Pay-Pal it made it very easy to pay for them with confidence. The products were delivered very quickly and were exactly as advertised.
Many vendors seem to disappear after a purchase has been made. Customers want the confidence that the vendor will be there when they need them. It doesn’t matter to the customer if it is a simple question or solving an issue, they want support from the vendor. You excelled in this area as well. You were very prompt in responding to my emails (even being on the road and setting up at bike rally’s) and always answered your phone when I called (one time was when you were 30 feet up in the air in a very windy condition). Your experience and knowledge helped diagnose a fitment issue, not with the purchased product, and determined that I did not have the original OEM support bracket which was needed to properly install the exhaust system. Since this bracket came with the bike when I bought it new, I assumed it was the stock bracket. It would have taken me along time to figure this out on my own, you did it in a matter of a few minutes. More amazing, this was all done over the phone and emails while you were on the road. That is great customer support!
Overall, I am very pleased with the products that I purchased but also that I made the purchase with you. You have earned a loyal customer and will recommend you to other bikers as well. My bike is running better than ever!
Keep up the great customer service before, during, and after the sale.
Thanks again.
PS – hope to see you this summer at one of the bike rallies.

Rick Reisner

To: [email protected]
Subject: Thanks Chris and Staff at Cyclesolutionsonline.com


I purchased a Power Commander on April 20, 2010 from your website after hearing all the good things people have said about your company. My 2004 Screamin Eagle Electra Glide was very sick. I had just replaced a true dual exhaust with D&D slip-ons for a D&D 2:1 Fatcat. The FuelPak along with the 103 motor and upgraded cams just did not match up with each other. The Power Commander 3 you sent along with the custom mapping works great. I also replaced my Harley stock plugs for NGK's which you recommended. Man this bike now runs great like a Screamin Eagle should. Hope to see you later this year in Galveston Texas for the Lone Star Rally I will take you up on the free dyno run. Thanks again Chris and Staff at Cyclesolutionsonline.com

Ralph Stanley
Spring, Texas

just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the continued excellent service! I first met you at the national HOG rally in 2007 at Knoxville TN. I was so impressed with your operation I sat and watched you and your crew work for a couple of hours. In April 2008 I contacted you and purchased a PC3 USB for my bike and received it quickly with a map
my bike already loaded. This year I planned a winter project, a mild 95" build. This was my first time to "wrench" on a Harley. After the build was complete I contacted you about "Dyno tuning" my bike. You were very helpful and accomodating. We met and talked about my expectations and riding style. (I was hoping for 90 HP and over 100 LbFt TQ) We discussed my "tight" budget, and as much as I'd like to have completed all of your recommendations we agreed to replace my Harley Davidson washable filter element with a new K&N element.

I felt pretty good about what I had accomplished on my first build, the bike felt strong right off the bat. Little did I know you would find as much additional power as you did. The bike, as I brought it to you pulled 86.78 HP and 89.35 TQ. when you called me after tuning I though you were pulling my leg! 103.17 HP and 103.68 TQ! I'm still shocked but every time I twist the throttle I know it's really there.
I have installed your new magnetic drain plugs and will be contacting you soon about a "Box of Lube" kit for my next oil change. Thanks again for everything! I can honestly say "I found my solution...at Cyclesoultions"!

Kurt Knight
Fort Wayne IN

Chris/James,  I just wanted to thank you both for what you have done with my 03 Electra Glide!  I apologize for the late email, but I have been riding that bike since you tuned it.

A little brief history; last year in Myrtle I  had a very ‘sick bike’, Chris and his team turned it around and made it so much better.  So much better in fact that over the winter we discussed a top end kit with a few minor additions.


In Daytona 09, I dropped my bike off the first day, Chris assigned Chris Jones to the task of adding horses to my scoot.  Chris Jones is an exceptional mechanic, his attention to detail is rivaled by none.  After a couple days of hard labor, my bike was back together with a S&S hot 95 Kit, new HPI throttle body, and a scorpion clutch to help distribute the power.  At that point I had a Power Commander, Chris Waddell called me to discuss some options.   He informed me that the ‘Thundermax’ would enhance my performance due to the compression and set up of my specific bike.  I followed his advice and James Ramsey from Zippers and Chris got my bike rolling.  WOW, what a beast!  One little issue, between 3300 and 3500 RPM in 5th gear, I had a sputter.  I gave Chris/James a call, I was COMPLETELY AMAZED, they gave me the probable cause and then verified it when I got the bike to them.  Seems the fuel line in the tank had a few pin holes which bled fuel pressure.  This was very prevalent when you needed it.   After a very short repair time, I was back on the street with riding a new beast.  Their work is truly amazing, after a couple months the bike continues to amaze me.  Not often does anyone get instant gratification on money spent, I will testify that I have.  The only issue I do have is that the bike is so strong that riding with 110s, 96s or 88s I have to watch my throttle to make sure they don’t become exhaust fumes…..

Chris/Chris/James thank you very much for a great experience and all the hard work.

Jamie Bowling


Chris,  You guys are top-of-the-Line. 1000 miles, for a tune up, well worth the trip. Thanks for your professionalism and dedication to your product line.  I will never allow another "mechanic” to work my Harley!The trip home was 10 times more enjoyable then the trip out.  Bike responded magnificently, at bottom and top end.  No more, need to ‘rev’ before engaging.  Performance is outstanding!

Thanks go to you and you to your crew.

Clifford (Skip) Young


I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for the excellent services you provides for my bike. I am the guy with the Pearl Black Ultra that you worked on for most of the day Friday at the Louisiana HOG Rally. When I picked up the bike Friday afternoon, I really only rode it a few blocks back to the hotel that evening, but could already feel the difference in the bike.

Well we went for a 150 mile round trip ride on Saturday and WOW. Better throttle response, smoother acceleration and way more power than I have ever experienced on the bike before. Really unbelievable that it's even the same bike.

As for the suspension upgrade, you were right, the Legend Air Suspension is the best handling upgrade I have ever experienced on any motorcycle. At one point during the ride on Saturday we hit a little bit of a bumpy stretch on I-20. All I did was tap the inflate button twice and it was like the bumps just disappeared. I can not believe the difference the air suspension as made. It is like the bike is on rails, just point it where you want to go and it goes there. No wobble, no rear steer etc.

It made my 330 mile trip back home on Sunday fantastic. Thanks again for the great updates to my bike. All done very professionally and with care for the bike. I really appreciate everything you guys did for the bike, it is now everything I had hoped it would be when I bought it.

Thanks again for all the GREAT work you and your crew did on my bike. I look forward to seeing you again at a future rally as I am already saving my nickels for the gear driven cam job:-)

Justin Wimprine







Just a short note to thank you and John and Frankenwrench (Chris) for making "my sick bike sing", After leaving the LSR on Sunday and getting the bike into Harley for the motor mount on Monday I told them how you increased the HP from 62 to 74 HP the didn’t want to believe it till I shoved the mapping in their face then things got quiet. I have changed my Vacation credit union account to my Cycle Solutions Acct. and I am looking forward to the install of the geared cam setup. Looking forward to the '09 schedule so I can correspond my schedule with your appearances. Again many thanks for your expertise AND compassion in making my Road King Custom sing, now we'll start working on plan to make a "fast bike faster". Ps cant stop yapping to all the Harley owners I know working for the railroad here in Houston, how with a minimum of planning they wont have to put up with the incompetent workmanship we're getting here from the Harley Dealerships. I say "let them sell 'em, let you make 'em fly". Thanks again

Chris Ryan
Houston, Tx.

Chris, Man I’m just blown away on the performance my 06’ H-D Elect. Glide Classic giving me right now. Thanks so much for giving me 10 more horse power. My friends cannot believe it; my friend that was with me is kicking him self in the you know what. But there is hope for him yet. We’ll be looking forward to see in Bandera, Texas or R.O.T. It’s only been just a couple of days since you mapped my classic, but I’m still jazzed up.


Rudy Herrera

Greetings Chris,
This is Don Shay from Peoria . You may recall me from Sturgis 2008 .I am the guy with the FXSTDSE 2 WITH THE CRONIC tune problem ever since I went to big Horsepower. My POWER COMMANDER WAS MAPPED SEVERAL TIMES AND WAS NOT CORRECT UNTIL YOU PUT IT RIGHT .
Now I am reaping the benefit of the Horse Power investment .

Thank You,



I would like to say how happy I am that I had you install new cams and exhaust on my 2002 Fatboy FI.. I love the power that I have gained and the new exhaust has just the tune I love to hear, especially with the lope from the new cams. You did the work in Johnstown, PA on Sunday morning and I loved the ride home even though it was pouring down rain. You and your crew do awesome work, I couldn’t believe that you changed my cams and exhaust and tuned my bike in 3 hours time. Just unreal what a difference it has made in the way I feel about my bike. I very nearly sold it because of the way it was running. I told Ron that I was giving him the boy and I wanted back the man and that’s exactly what he did. I no longer call it a fatboy but instead call it fatman... Thanks again..

Like another person on here has asked, what exactly are the cams that you put in. Just for my personal records information.

My friend and I may see you in New Castle next weekend, he wants his 06 Road King Custom dyno’d..

And oh by the way, next year…….. I see a big bore kit in my very near future..

Alan Houck
Indiana, Pennsylvania..



I wanted to thank you again for the work on my 03' Electra Glide, it was truly a 'sick bike' when you started with it. I have put about 2k miles on it since you did your magic and stand beside that this was the BEST MONEY that I have ever spent on any of my vehicles, INSTANT GRATIFICATION. It does everything you said and more, not only do I have more power but get about 4-5 MPG more than I did. Of course that is staying out of that throttle. Thank you again for the great work!!

On a second note, could you give me the specs on the Cams? I think you said 510, I have a historical sheet on my bike where I list all the additions so I would like to ad these. I have added the Rinehart pipes but am looking for the Cam specs and also the name of the intake plate.

Again, I cannot thank you enough.


Chris and Crew,
Thanks for finally fixing what HD dealerships never could!! My '03 carbureted FLSTC runs 110% better; and as you said, "there is still room for improvement" (which I will get done when you guys return for the fall Thunder Beach in September). After talking to my brother, he is looking forward to your scheduled arrivals in the PA area so you can work your magic on his '07 fuel injected Road King.

Take care and ride safe.
Rich S.



Thanks again for the awesome job you did on my bike. After tuning my bike from 102 hp to 110.9 in Wildwood, I entered my bike in a vrod dyno shootout at Liberty harley in Rahway NJ and won with 111.34 hp. That was 5hp higher than every vrod in the competition.
WOW! Thanks

I wanted to say thank you again for an awsome job tuning my bike at Sturgis.  It's nice and smooth and runs better than ever.  I appreciate all the hard work you put in during the week and for hooking people up with smooth running rides.  Here are a couple of pics I took that day.
Thanks Again,
Jason Smith
Raleigh, NC 


Chris just wanted to thank you again for tunning are bikes to perfection and explaning what you where doing to our bikes.this was my first year at sturgis and i thought i would go home and talk about the things i saw. boobies, jesse james,orange county guys, but all i have been telling my friends is how i got my bike tuned by one of the best.I really learned a lot that morning. I looked at the schedule it doesnt look like your gonna be any where around us for awhile. I will have you do more work on my bike in the future. I was the last bike you tuned on saturday.

Mark Baber
South Bend, Indiana


Just wanted to say a special THANK YOU! You saved my ass not to mention my Ultra Classic in the great flood of the Fire and Ice Rally in Grants, NM. I know several people that got MAJOR damage to their bikes, mainly because of stupidity, they were not lucky enough to have someone like you and your crew to take the time to do what needed to be done to stop any further damage! I really do appreciate what you and your people done here. I spoke to the editor of the local news paper and told them what you done. They printed, in the story about the flood, what you done and said it is nice to have people come to our Rally not just to TAKE but, to give something back!
So I say THANK YOU AGAIN! I hope you come back next year. I am a member of 2 riding groups and being a little town, we all know each other. Most of the guys asked me if the $350 to have you do your thing on my Bagger and my wife’s Fatboy was worth it. If my word is worth anything, you should have more business next year. I have put about 1000 miles on our bikes since you were here and every time I ride, I am thankful I gave up a few bucks to have the work done.
I realize that THANK YOU and a buck will get you a cup of coffee and that is about all it is worth. However; I OWE you much more than a cup of coffee. If you come back, I will take you and your crew out for supper! I will see you setting up early enough and we will figure it out!
Until then . . . .



Just got back home from mountain fest and the ride home was way better than the ride to Morgan town thanks to you and your expert service. I doubt you will remember me but I had the silver 07 road king with 103 cu in kit that ran like a moped. Just wanted to let you know that the upgrades you installed made such a difference ,cant thank you enough for your help. I will let everyone know that you are the man to see when it comes to a great running bike. And one more thing, you where kind enough to lend me your bike while you worked on mine, that also impressed me, if not for the loaner bike it would not have been possible for me to get the work done on my bike. Your tech also did a great job and was very careful with my bike, tell him thanks. See ya next time,     

Bill Clark

I just wanted to take a moment to thank the entire team for the work that you
did to my Road King in Johnstown, Pa. The Power Commander, the True Duals,
and the Air filter base, as well as the  great Dyno work has made the bike
fun to ride. Keep up the good work. Thanks...


Just want to thank you guys for an awesome job! My bike rips! Josh, thanks for getting my order to me on time to make the ROT RALLY. Thanks Chris for the custom tune.


Chris:  You custom mapped a HD Ultra Classic, Green and black, 1999 EFI, Saturday morning, May 19th, the one with the duel mapping that you tossed.  I (we) talked to you about your experience in Ironton, Ohio next to the toxic waste dump, two years ago.
It appears that your tuning has maximized that stock engine to its full potential.  The engine just hums, not sounding like an engine while riding back to Ohio (500mi), on Sunday and cursing at 70 - 75 mph and higher.  It fixed the lean condition on throttle down cracking / popping with good overall throttle response.  I am pleased with the performance and the decision to get it done.  The personal and professional touch that I received and the treatment of my two friends, also observing the same treatment of your other customers, shows me you are a class operation.
I will try and run into you in Morgantown later on this year and say "hello”.
Ernie Schlatt


Chris, I just wanted to thank you for the job you and your guys did on my bike in Leesburg two weeks ago. I've put 600 miles on it so far and it running great. I can't believe the power it has when I need it. I been taking it easy with it so far, but I've hit it a few times and it just wants to take off. The one guy I ride with down here all the time and I went out last weekend for a ride and he has a 2005 FLTHCI just like my 2002. About two weeks before you did the work on my bike we were on 275 and both cranked down on the bikes  when we were running about 55 MPH and he had a cam put in his a month or so ago. The bike were really even and we run them up to about 100 MPH. I didn't tell him what I had done and we got side by side at about 55 MPH again and we hit at the same time. Man he thought there was some thing wrong with his bike and then he started looking at my bike and said man you got a new motor when he seen the S&S on the jugs. Now he is talking about having his bike done the next time you come to Florida. I know your going to be here in Oct. in Daytona, but are you going to be in Florida any time before that date? If so let me know.
I'm really happy with the bike and please think you guy for the job they did. I really appreciate the job you did.

Roger A. Francisco


I purchase the JetScream product from RF2 Company and I put the JetScream on my 2006 Harley Davidson Street Bob. It only took  minutes to install, I could not believe how much top and low end performance that I have gained now.   I would recommend this to any who is into high performance with there Harley and not to mention how easy it is to install. 

Thank you very much RF2 for an amazing product.
Your Friend,
DT Street Bob King



Chris, I just wanted to let you know how well my bike runs now. I was not able to test it out because of the rain when you came to Kenny Bocks house in Kingman Kansas. I am very happy with everything you and your men did to it. It has so much more mid range and top end power because of the work Pepsi man did on it. I would highly recommend you and your crew to anybody. I hope to see you and the guys sometime soon. Maybe next time I will get a big bore kit installed.

Thanks again
Dan McCammon

Wichita Kansas

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