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Dynojet Power Commander V

EFI Systems-Power Commanders/Thundermax Auto Tune  >  Dynojet Power Commander V

Power up your cycle with a Dynojet Power Commander fuel injection system. At half the size of a PCIIIusb, the Powercommander is 100% powered from your computer, so you can stop hunting around for a 9-volt adapter.

The science behind the Powercommander is smart, yet simple: the more air you pump into your engine, the more power you make. However, affecting the airflow changes the shape of the air curve, which in turn changes the shape of the fuel curve—and not for the better. But Powercommander reshapes the fuel curve to match the new air curve. So you get direct injector control, and that means better horsepower, faster throttle response, and a better ride.

Forget about changing the jetting! Powercommander lowers running temperatures, reduces pinging, and keeps pipes from bluing. To tune your motorcycle, use Dynojet Powercommander, and simply install a new map.

Many stores charge more for Powercommander and don’t include a map. But right now, with your purchase of any Dynojet Power Commander or Zippers Thundermax from Cycle Solutions Inc, we will download a map at no extra charge, based on the modifications that you provide us about your motorcycle. Cycle Solutions Inc will also send you a coupon for a FREE diagnostic test run on our dyno! Click for details.

Cycle Solutions Inc is certified to tune Dynojet Power Commanders and Thundermax ECM's. We custom tune thousands of motorcycles, per year, using these products. Anyone can add a base map to your ecm, but only Cycle Solutions Inc can provide a map that fits your motorcycle the best. We have a huge library of custom built maps to choose from.
Want to read more about our ability to tune motorcycles? Try Dynojet Power Commanders or Thundermax ECM's.

Dynojet Power Commander V Auto Tune Module Kit

Dynojet Power Commander V Harley Davidson

Dynojet Power Commander V Honda

Dynojet Power Commander V Indian Motorcycles

Dynojet Power Commander V Kawasaki

Dynojet Power Commander V Suzuki

Dynojet Power Commander V Victory Motorcycles

Dynojet Power Commander V Yamaha

Dynojet Power Commander V Metric Models


Disclaimer: Exhaust systems for OEM non-emission control system equipped motorcycles as well as slip-on mufflers that mount downstream of and which do not inhibit the proper function of emission control systems are considered legal replacement parts by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). CARB does not, however, permit the use of aftermarket exhaust systems that remove or alter OEM emission control devices unless certified by CARB, other than for closed circuit race use only. More California exhaust information is available at http://www.arb.ca.gov/

Disclaimer: Aftermarket products, including but not limited to fuel/air controllers which alter, modify, or replace emission control devices or systems of an originally compliant highway motorcycle, are not legal for street use in California unless they have been issued a CARB Executive Order. Aftermarket emissions related products which have not been issued an Executive Order or which are not aftermarket Replacement Parts, as defined in Title 13, California Code of Regulations Section 1900(b)(2), are authorized for closed circuit race use only. See manufacturer's information and state and local laws to determine what is authorized for use on your vehicle.

Disclaimer: Products shown may be designed, manufactured, intended and sold for closed circuit race use only and use of the same on public roads or lands may be violation of local, state, and/or federal laws.

Disclaimer: Check your applicable laws and manufacturer's publications(s) and/or website(s) for manufacturer's warranty, maintenance, safety, mounting and any regulatory compliance/non-compliance information.

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Cycle Solutions Inc., 3585 S 600 E, Hartford City, IN 47348 Tel No: 765-768-6000
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